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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Picking a CRM

Why You Need to Implement a CRM

As an Online Business Manager aka Operations/Strategy Nerd and Podcast Manager, I love researching how businesses can be run more efficiently and effectively. So today I want to talk about CRMs. Now you might be thinking what is a CRM?, it stands for Customer Relationship Management systems. And I want to share with you how a CRM can help your small business. It is known that businesses do not always implement a CRM until they have experienced difficulties within the business in relation to lost sales and poor communication with clients. Even long after this point when they have scaled into a bigger business. I think it is so important to implement CRM as soon as required as it is key for continual growth.

Features to Look for in a CRM

Now if you implement CRM initially make sure you communicate clearly with your team to ensure it is going to work and benefit everyone. The CRM must meet the needs of the business and it must be well placed to ensure you and your team won’t get tired of using it. It is essential you know what features and functionality you need for this reason.

1) Firstly you want a system that grows with you. You want a system where you can utilise its add on features and has the ability to perform and grow with your business. Most importantly the ability to add more users will make things easier as you start to scale up if you implemented a CRM when you initially started out.

2) Secondly, you want the CRM to be cost-effective, often when you starting out, money is not going to be easily available. However, there are many CRMs that offer low monthly fees so it’s worth doing your research. Some low-cost CRMs I can recommend are Hubspot, Insightly, Nimble, and Zoho. I will leave links to the systems at the end of the blog for you to check out.

3) Another important thing to keep in mind is the ability to launch. Ultimately you want the CRM to increase productivity for your business, not hinder this. You want a system that has a simple and user-friendly design so it can implement your CRM needs effectively. The last thing you want to be is overwhelmed and confused with CRM that is meant to do the opposite. So I cannot stress this enough, definitely do your research.

3) Last but not least linking the first point I made, you want to ensure the CRM provides integrated communication. You want to be able to access both communications with the team and clients via messaging and email features. Having this added bonus feature can overall, help the running of your business.

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