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Get your mindset ready for 2021 series - Are you aware of your limiting beliefs?

Limiting Beliefs

Mindset and Limiting Beliefs

 Now we all know how important mindset is when it comes to business. As I have built up my experience as an Online Business Manager aka “Operations/StrategyNerd” and podcast manager, I want to share with you a mini-mindset series all about challenging the way you think when it comes to business. So I want to start off with why limiting beliefs could be the barrier holding you back in your business.

So what are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are usually thoughts/beliefs you have created about yourself and your abilities, you ultimately put a limitation on yourself. You feel like these limitations are your reality but they simply aren’t true. This set of beliefs stop us from reaching our goal because we believe we are not worthy of success. We fear failure and rejection so we stay stuck.

Often these limiting beliefs are linked back to our early life and influenced by the people we grew with. For example, we may believe that we have to work long hard hours for our money and that is the only way to earn money. This belief stays with us and we carry that around with us until you or someone else possibly challenges that belief. And I can tell you, I would probably believe that now if I didn’t expand my network and see how others make a living. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

How can you change these limiting beliefs?

Now changing your beliefs is a process. I would recommend getting a coach or even being involved in a mentorship when starting your business. When you start something new and it is unfamiliar, your first reaction is to give up and go back to your ‘safe’ place. That’s why it’s good to have accountability and someone to talk about how you are feeling when navigating your way around the business world.

A coach can support you to become more self-aware and help you realise your true potential. The hardest part is breaking down those barriers in the rational mind we have built up. Taking away these and allowing yourself to figure out new ways of thinking and coming up with alternative answers will help you form new beliefs.

What limiting belief can challenge today?

So you have a basic understanding of what limiting beliefs are and how they are created. Do you have a limiting belief you want to change or challenge? Think about this limiting belief, where did originate from? Is this belief serving you now? And ultimately is this belief true? As you follow this mindset mini-series, I would love for you to note down answers to the above questions and reflect on these. Feel free to share and tag me @ceopaulinemalubay, or send me a message on LinkedIn. I’d love to know your key takeaways.

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