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How to Find Your Purpose

How to find your purpose.

Tips to Find Your Purpose

Now we all know how important mindset is when it comes to business. As I have built up my experience as an Online Business Manager aka “Operations/StrategyNerd” and podcast manager, I want to share with you a mini-mindset series all about challenging the way you think when it comes to business. So hopefully you have begun to think about your limiting beliefs, now I want to focus on finding your purpose. Again this a process but I want to share with you some helpful tips and things that helped me define my purpose to allow you to begin that journey too.

Finding your purpose is a very personal thing. Sometimes you can feel lost in life, thinking that you lack purpose. But it is a time to be gentle with yourself, going within is the start of the process. Sometimes you won’t find the answer you want straight away but as you practice looking within yourself, your values and beliefs will guide you. Now you might have to start might working on changing those limiting beliefs into enabling beliefs. This will support being in control of your emotions and ultimately your life. So here are my 6 tips to support discovering your purpose:

1) Search within

You will often look for answers outside of yourself, if you do this you will always seek external validation when you can only find the answers of your true self within.

2) Taking ownership of your life

Taking control of life and not making decisions from a place of fear or anxiety those decisions will leave you confused. Only you know your what aligns with true happiness and values.

3) Focus on what you have

Learning to develop a mindset of abundance will help you realise your purpose as it will become clearer to you. Abundance is all around us, use this to achieve those meaningful goals.

4) Align your goals with your passion

When developing goals, you will feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment when they are complete however, if this feeling of accomplishment is short-lived. You need to re-evaluate your goals, take control, and realign those goals to your passion and purpose.

5) What brings you joy and comes easy to you

So it might easy to pinpoint what activities and tasks bring you joy but if nothing springs to mind think back to a time where you have felt the most joy. Align these with activities and tasks that come easily to you as it likely there is a link.

6) Acceptance

Now, as much as change is a good thing when it comes to discovering your purpose. Be kind and compassionate to yourself, it is a learning experience. Accept your own limitations and observe yourself, this will help with becoming more self-aware and lead your closer to the meaning you’re seeking.

I hope those 6 points got you thinking about your purpose, I’d love to know what your key takeaways were from today’s mindset series. If you want to share or you have any questions find me on @ceopaulinemalubay or send me a message on Linkedin, I’d love to connect!

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