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Pauline Malubay Consultintg

Example Service Offerings

These packages are provided to give you an example of commitment and pricing - in reality, all relationships will be tailored to your exact requirements. I recommend ​discussing your requirements in detail before we outline an exact programme of work. Please get in touch to discuss what would be suitable for your product needs.


Finding the needle movers in your business so you can prioritise the tasks that will drive your business forward

  • 01. PHASE ONE

    During the 1st phase, we’ll gain clarity around where you want to go in your business and what your company culture is like by solidifying your Mission, Vision, and Values.

  • 02. PHASE TWO

    The 2nd phase is about digging deep into the 7 pillars of business & pinpointing all projects for each pillar. We’ll extract everything from your head and get it out onto paper!


    During the 3rd phase we’ll prioritize each of the 7 pillars of business and rank them from most to least important based on your vision to help you make more informed, strategic decisions in your business.

  • 04. PHASE FOUR

    Finally, the 4th phase is where we plan all your tasks & projects out while ensuring they tie back to your vision. You’ll walk away with a solid, prioritized plan for the upcoming month, quarter, and year!

Operations Simplified

  • A one-time system setup service

  • An in-depth business systems & processes audit

  • A plan tailored to your specific needs

  • A done-for-you system setup (timeline varies depending on project)

  • Written SOP documentation outlining your new systems & workflows

  • Recorded video tutorials

  • A 45-minute walk-through session where you can ask any questions you have

Intensive Strategy + Workshops

  • Perfect for: Founders, solopreneurs or start-up leadership teams establishing their processes such as UX, design and product

  • This package includes weekly strategy sessions, yearly & quarterly strategic planning sessions

  • Project & team management

  • Analysis/tracking of KPIs, and continued operational support so you can keep your business running like a well oiled machine

  • Written SOP documentation outlining your new systems & workflows

  • You have monthly coaching sessions with Pauline to ensure your strategy is on track!

  • Coaching through Voxer access with Pauline (hours agreed beforehand)

UX & Growth Consulting

  • Strategic Planning session to accelerate growth and digital transformation with the option to have a digital marketing strategy, systems management, team management, and PR Strategy for all your service/ programs. In addition to business coaching for additional VIP support!

  • Create marketing system with Pauline’s digital strategy

  • Social Media implementation using strategy plan, scheduling and posting

  • A done-for-you system setup (timeline varies depending on project)

  • PR Expertise to hone in on your message and consolidate your branding guidelines with a dedicated PR Manager and monthly outreach to increase your visibilitys

  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategy & Funnel Guidance

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the kickoff call?

This is your opportunity to lay it all on the table and let us know exactly which areas of your business you want to improve, how you think your team & projects can be better managed, and what systems you need to put into place to make your business run smoothly. And it’s our opportunity to evaluate your needs, your team & projects, and your overall business structure.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans but prefer that payment is done in full before any work can start because it's more cost effective for both parties.

What are the next steps?

Send me an email at [email protected] letting me know if the package speaks to you! Or schedule a free consult by clicking the button below. I can then discuss further in the call (or just via email) the cost for the trial month project if you wish to enter a partnership together! After our 90 days trial period, if you are happy, we can continue working together on a monthly retainer contract.

Let's Work Together

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